Tell Lie Vision (remastered edition 2016)

by civilian zen

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The Remastered Edition 2016 digital reissue of 'Tell Lie Vision' by Civilian Zen.
The concept album originally released in 2014.
The Remastered Edition extended now with bonus tracks
of dub remixes.

Produced by Civilian Zen
Recorded & Mixed by Ian Lewis @ Whitby Studios,Cheshire,2014.
Additional Recordings & Programming by Keith Hill @ StageOne Studio,Cheshire 2014.

This the digital download version of the album,exclusive to bandcamp, & as well as the album there is album artwork with lyrics included in this digitial download of the album here.


released February 10, 2016

Civilian Zen

Ralph Woerdenweber - drums,vocals.
Mark Andrew Broster - bass,poetry vocals.
Keith Hill - vocals,guitars,synths,fx,programming,hammond organ, mellotron,samples.

(Keith Hill appears courtesy of Signified/TMG Music)



all rights reserved


civilian zen

Civilian Zen was formed in 2006 by keith hill (of 'signified' & others) & mark broster (festival poet) recording two albums for the shelter charity in 2006 &2007(,inc. former members of Hawkwind.) several more albums followed from 2007-2016 with the band playing UK festivals & shows.Civilian Zen 2017 is: Keith Hill,Ralph Woerdenweber,Brian Hill ... more

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Track Name: Sea Change
here we stand
sea change lands
we're led towards a fact based on the ways of indecision
a science play to alter days through secret weather systems

it happened today started just like any other
the world machine keeps rolling on
the floods they came a new atlantis to see
beneath the distant sun

wake up now you don't know how the winds of change in the air
four seasons in one day it seems outside at the edge of the world
we're creating black hole technologies

cross the line everytime
we head toward the signal drone lost chaos & confusion
they said the ways the truth in words brings just indecision
cross the line everytime
we head toward the signal drone lost chaos & confusion
they said the ways the truth in words brings just disillusion

i can see the sea change
i can feel the sea change..
sea change....
Track Name: Neon Sun
farenheit made clear,
the landscapes..
they dissapeared..
as we once knew it...
now it's gone..
we live underneath the neon sun..

we all move the same moves..
keep turning not yearning..
i see through what you do..
on the news it's forced veiws i dont choose...
under the neon sun.
Track Name: Transient Waves
low frequency as you stare into the abyss
changing channels ..searching for bliss
never one to station for far too long
attention's gone ..of which there is none

designed to be seen as what is real
desire & mimicry ..a superficial mirror to ourselves
& on this level ..should you choose
become part of the blinkered multitudes..

with a terrible aspect lent to the eye
observing an emerging dystopian societ they decry
a constant irrepressible stream of tantalizing telemetry
that caresses the senses & corrupt's the soul

with so many variables... at play
there's really not much you can say
you know they like it that way..
only transient waves...

only transient waves...
Track Name: We Follow None
all we have is ourselves
in this present tense
these stereotypings just brings separation
a broken code no destination
played like chess pieces made
moved we find all we take

we follow none

we see better times somewhere down the line
& our's to be an invocation
future minds rejuvenation
don't you ask why as you feel this reason
your conscienceness high
a trancendental feeling
Track Name: Golden Future
the light's went out over the cities
communication's down
a satellite wiped clean of world information
by a glitch erase all lost & found

concrete jungles high rise blocks
the tribe in us is all but lost
we could be heading for a meltdown
of thinking & reasons & resoloutions

you see's in the air
be,be know..just be aware
Track Name: Host
i...i am the host of the show..
& i'll lay down where we're at
i prey on those that we like to look down on
it makes us feel better in ourselves
i...i am the moral ground
both jury & judge with camera stands

i bring them on just to bring them down
& when they breakdown please give a big hand
& when they break you all scramble for a piece
like a screen arena thrown to the lions

i am the host i feed off your falldowns
i act like i understand when i just want to tear it down
for all to see so transparently revealed
& replulsed all at the same time

for all to see so transparently revealed
& replulsed all at the same time
applause signs with words i offer in your ear
until next time let your morals dissapear

i am the host
i am the light
i am the most
rating's high
raise a toast
here's to stereotypes
Track Name: All Everything
solar light
the ocean
the rain
above beyond
outer space
all everything
Track Name: Harvest Glitch
into the circuitry ..ones & zeroes infinity
who is the one ..the hidden hand?
a soundbite speech placates the land
dystopian highrise grey town rain
those kept down with nothing opportunity failed

& dragged along into the system
moved along into the machine

& if the money tree fell to ground
forget your small fortunes & cards
theres nothing to be found
we reaped synthetic harvest glitch as currency for food
a safety net for granted

reap the wild harvest soils
poison manufactured toil
produce the mass slowly less
all roads shut down empty shelves

the trees sedated slow hybrid root
with outstretched branches reach for sky
a distant pressure hidden in clouds
a distant dream of what was paradise...
what was paradise?...
Track Name: Sphere Of Destiny
the cities that we shape
to the oceans we neglect
& the chaos that we wake
yes it's there in our mistakes

out of reach the word is final nothing's changed
never see outside the box just more the same

now the lands are empty voids
the wisewood to something else
into a building sphere that reflects the sun
a monument to what we've become
spilling over into the ocean
erase slowly it's world beneath
the moves of poison into the water
& so it goes & out of reach

out of reach the word is final nothing's changed
never see outside the box just more the same..
Track Name: Distance
here we are again
the fable is gone & lost
seen it fall apart with quick precision..indecisions
choices set out in front of you
which one never asked for too
the secret machine grinds on & on forever
as we get played again

it is the way
the running of the day
keeps you in your place
& your only there just to tax generate

it is the way
the running of the days
keeps you in your place tax generate

we are all distant...
Track Name: The Sands Of Sleep
the winds of change blow across this land
shifting hours shifting sands
where distant voids are oasis dimension
a future past

the sands of sleep..
the dust of dreams..
Track Name: Small Hours
generation void left in urban decay
& a law unto itself in the old haunts..
now derilict & graffiti scarred it says mob rule for real
just a caricature in itself
the smashed street lamp flickers in an anxious
a morse code of light in the small hours
where the empty streets in the rain
are washed with disillusuion ..
the nightime brings fire & misguided battle cries
welcome to the citities that are raised once more again...
Track Name: Too Much Information
too much information
& heading out on you
this the word & this is the way this is the way it is
too much information & it's heading out on you
this the word & this is the way so it must be true

here comes the soundbite already down on those
on the down & out we're all played like fools
just as rules your shaped how you will
become one more among multitudes

we all comply & move along
while played the distant one way song
these times are hard us all together
but it just builds to more tension pressure

their heading out on you
they want more..
their heading out on you
Track Name: Deceleration
a world awake
higher state

a shaman way
light year days

the stars align
the moon & sun
we're all as one
Track Name: Deep Space Blues
it seems dark days light years
since this way dreamt was making sense
with no real reason of fools & consequence
'cos it's made to make some feel bad this is all there is

the line is drawn

a line is drawn & each have different sides
ones got it all the other makes do to survive
but what can you do?
what can you do? don't give in to the deep space blues

mindset of the galaxy feel the red shift dust
it's part of multiverse dna it is part of us?
small miracle of happening we got here all the same
& who knows what the world will choose
but no to the deep space blues

deep space blues..deep space ..deep space blues..
you can choose.... can choose
Track Name: Switch Off
you just cannot switch off anymore...
you retreat into that place you've found...
inside your mind to seek whatever solace you can find...
you cannot switch off anymore...
like some kind of invasive procedure
putting in new pathways
they will find you in that place...
you cannot switch off anymore
retreat to that place & seek whatever solace you can find
you cannot switch off anymore...
they will find you there in that place
your soul will be bared for all eternity to see...
& recorded in the great celestial light forever...
you just cannot switch off anymore...