New Worlds (2012)

by civilian zen

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Civilian Zen's first three album releases ('Songs For Shelter' (2006) ,'Return To Shelter'(2007) & 'Astral Sea Shanties' (2008) showed CZ's spacerock style with electronic dance styles also,the fourth album 'Various Hang Up's & Issues' seen CZ take a left field turn into a more metal,punk alternative style,the latter album received 17,000+plays via myspace with global radio plays.

The new Civilian Zen album,'New Worlds',is perhaps the bands's most definitive musical statement yet with a nod to the aformentioned past albums & towards the new & still retaining the experimental rock core of the band.

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limited digipack cd to follow

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released November 12, 2012

Mark Andrew Broster-bass,midi bass,voice
Ralph Wordenweber-drums,percussion,midi drums
Keith Hill-guitars,vocals,programming,fx,midi guitars,synths,samples

Produced Recorded & Mixed by Keith Hill
@StageOne studio,cheshire,england between feb-oct 2012
with additional co production by Mark Andrew Broster
all songs written & (c) copyright Civilian Zen all rights reserved 2012

(Keith appears courtesy of Signified & Transit Music Group / Nova Records (USA)



all rights reserved


civilian zen

Civilian Zen was formed in 2006 by keith hill (of 'signified' & others) & mark broster (festival poet) recording two albums for the shelter charity in 2006 &2007(,inc. former members of Hawkwind.) several more albums followed from 2007-2016 with the band playing UK festivals & shows.Civilian Zen 2017 is: Keith Hill,Ralph Woerdenweber,Brian Hill ... more

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Track Name: frequency
with nothing more to lose,surely everything to be
everyone on automatic feel the tension like a force of static.
there are no answers to this pandemonium..let's raise the will to move on together towards unity.
24/7 keep going never stop for a second never lose that perpetual machine,turning us with it,in it's synthetic dreams,running on empty on the same old scehemes,we're on a ship of fools with no one at the wheel,no destinations towards the understanding..
so just nod & leave drift to the unknown
understand you reap what you sow..
Track Name: zeroes
unrest in the air,we work so hard,we're tired of this stupid show.
you know we're in the know & it shows,
from towns to cities to
from towns to cities the oceans flow
am i going to get through to you?there's something you can do.
a one for all instead of zeroes
a one is all instead of zeroes.
now the writings on the wall,you know theres nothing we can say,
to make it through to you,you never learn,we see through you.
Track Name: demo(n)cracy
would you listen anyway?
to what's going on on the streets today
tension glorified hypergenralized
they nod their heads at those disguised
i dont see no democracy
in a game of hypocricy
it will never get the best of me but it's not easy to rise aginst the high tides
it's easy now to see behind your ways
i never knew the day would come i'd see through you
Track Name: demagnetic fields
(are you ready?!?)
for the powers that be,for their hollow greed
& the ways they deceive & the news that they feed
creating a climate of fear,controlling those relianties.
we're ready
Track Name: standpoint
calling to those distant shores,the high tides & the wild waves come crashing down upon us into the ocean..into the ocean..
but back in the city all tired & unfriendly,days slip by.. world paralyzed.
the rat race race is running,the world it keeps turning..
our currency,is all we see.
Track Name: kissed by eternity's breath
lyrics by mark broster