Horizones (the 2016 album reissued with bonus tracks) (2017)

by civilian zen

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Recorded live in the studio
from sessions between April-June
@ StageOne Studio,Cheshire,England 2016
Reissued with 6 bonus tracks from the album sessions Jan. 2017.

Produced Recorded & Mixed by Civilian Zen

Additional Production by Keith Hill & Mark Andrew Broster

(Original release August 2016)


released January 1, 2017

Mark Andrew Broster - bass,spoken word prose,fx.
Ralph Woerdenweber - drums,electronic percussion.
Keith Hill - vocals,guitars,fx,synths,hammond organ,programming,soundscapes & samples.



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civilian zen

Civilian Zen was formed in 2006 by keith hill (of 'signified' & others) & mark broster (festival poet) recording two albums for the shelter charity in 2006 &2007(,inc. former members of Hawkwind.) several more albums followed from 2007-2016 with the band playing UK festivals & shows.Civilian Zen 2017 is: Keith Hill,Ralph Woerdenweber,Brian Hill ... more

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Track Name: Auda City
In the dark tech moves across
this auda city
treading across dreams are lost yet
everyone can not see it
how we go about the time
& we look around to try
& we throw away our time
in this electricity design
auda city.

If you share your views
they know just change your truth
be carefull of all you
but most just get confused
just nod along to news
& think your minds to lose
their eyes are spiral fused.
Track Name: The All Seeing I
I am the all seeing I
I whisper
in the winds of war
I'm the shadow
in the sun
I exist
outside your frequency
I come to you
in the dark
when doubt
is in your mind.

I am the all seeing I.
Track Name: Void Waves
We dream the hits
upon our drums
we find inside
we are the one

to vision quest
into infinitum
we are the song
by firelight
higher now
as we take flight

let us have
no divides
this point of the unknown
a new way
that we find

void waves.
Track Name: Horizones
Sea on horizones
light years from this system
where it's not that obliging
eyes closed we're decided...

Seer on horizones
light years from this system
where it's not that obliging
eyes closed we're decided...

Never seen the cosmos like this
in ethereal air
it's everywhere
Track Name: Apothesis
All across auda city now
I see the way it is to be
& this is how we try to live in this society
but hear the red rain
it is across the forests & the trees
& we try to cover up our eyes
listen to it's name their make believe.
many tried to cross the rubicon
always never enough to cross the line
we've all tried to cross this rubicon
one more push to see if we're all our own.

Into we go we walk into
a hybrid of technology
for all to see
intertwined by your mantra in your flesh
a chip for currency
it's a notion insane minds.
If we tried where are you
where we try
the sun eclipsed within?
we yearn to escape.

Across the fields we try to understand
the roots the are failing in the ground, nothing grows
barren wasteland picture
in design & drawn up plans
their moving now, no journey on..

Of all the things I've seen now
although there is overload for I
before the trouble & the hello
in a sea there of design
In a city all alone was I sleeping?
& where there was once over run by imbeciles
taking the piss
but falling
believe it
Track Name: The Seer
I am the seer
a high rise to a sea of stars
I am The Seer
Visions forwards fast & far

I am The Seer
into dimension terrain
I am The Seer
higher above of all gain.

I am The Seer
to the otherlands
we go
I am The Seer
destination acceleration
I am The Seer
vision quest
inner eye.
Track Name: Havoc
It is our will to
check through
all your mail
all your calls

it is our time
to bring to you
all self censorship
intimidation & fear.

this time
it's this time
this time
this time
it's this time
it's this time
this time.
Track Name: Hologram
See the signs
of what's in line
& now I find
just robot minds.

believe what you read & hear
hologram is real I know.

the moral compass
cracks & thrown
down on the floor
it's dial needles flicker
high speed around
as the crowd
applauds for more

hologram is real I know.
Track Name: Intravenous Earth
Piece by piece
in the ground
of what we
don't want regardless

to our poisoned water
leaking there gas odour
contaminate the area
silence the hysteria.

Dig foundations everywhere
but nothing of it
silence in the air
but the freedom calling.

Voices rising
crystalising this hypnotizing
do you see what's there?
life is what you see is there.

We've got to dream together
& dream forever
dream together
dream forever.
Track Name: Meteor (bonus track)
Feel the light inside
vibration from
your inner eye
unity & no divides
time to put all war aside...
time to put all war aside...

Feel the light inside
vibration from
your inner eye
unity & no divides
time to put all war aside...
time to put all war aside...
Track Name: Glitch Of Harvest (radio session) (bonus track)
Into uncertainty
the ones & zeroes infinity
who is the one
the hidden hand
a soundbite speech
placates the land
dystopian highrise
grey town rain
those kept down with nothing
nothing to gain
the trees sedated
the slow hybrid root
all roads shut down
empty shelves
the trees sedated
slow hybrid root
.... to a harvest glitch
Track Name: Stratosphere (bonus track)
Blank eyed stare frequency
all in reach individuality
they move as one
a solar sea
& their hollow eyed & derision
treading down
upon the fallen
no idea of empathy
don't know any other reality
eyes not sure where
their heads are
colluding from
there's more to
this foundation
living in this dream

out in the open
away from this confusion
all got desensitized
do you sense it?
the eagle flies towards
the north wind waters
yet meanwhile
here we are,all
do you sense it?